• Image of Blossom - T.J Lee and the Special Guests

Introducing the new album by T.J Lee and the Special Guests. This eclectic collection of new songs is available to buy from February 1st 2014.

Blossom - T. J Lee and the Special Guests

1. Alisha (Lee)
2. Immediacy (Lee)
3. Come What May (Lee)
4. Save Me, See Me (Lee)
5. Tracks Of My Tears (Robinson, Moore & Tarplin)
6. Step Outside Your Feeling (Lee)
7. This Is A Lie (Smith, Bamonte, Cooper, Gallup & O' Donnell)
8. Broken Glass (Lee)
9. The Prettiest Green Eyes (Lee)
10. Ride On The Breeze (Of A Memory) (Lee)
11. What's in a Word? (Lee)


Tim Lee - Vocals, Guitars, Ukulele, Bass, Piano, Stylophone, Drum Programming.
Stuart Quinn-Harvie - Drums (1, 2, 5, 6, 8, 10)
Joanne Allum - Vocals (5)
John Shilling - Piano (7)

All songs written by Tim Lee, except -
5. 'Tracks of my Tears' written by William 'Smokey' Robinson, Warren Moore and Marvin Tarplin.
7. 'This is a Lie' written by Robert Smith, Perry Bamonte, Jason Cooper, Simon Gallup and Roger O' Donnell.
8. Sample from 'The Apartment' (1960), starring Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine and directed by Billy Wilder (The Mirisch Company).

Produced by Tim Lee at T.L.C Studios, Northwich, March-December 2013.
Cover Design by Kate Green and Nik Lee.